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We leverage software development to grow your venture, scale your impact, and propel your mission forward.

The right team for the right project, scaled quickly

UltraTech management team’s 10 years of experience in custom Software Development, QA, Cloud Engineering, DevOps, and AI/Machine Learning practices are defined by our ability to hire and retain excellent engineers and envelope them into rigorous processes. Client and project teams can be formed on-demand and persist for the duration of the project or entire relationship — from weeks to years, depending on the client’s needs, budget and software lifecycle stage.

Accelerating Innovation one application at a time

Although UltraTech is young, our team has developed several hundred successful software solutions that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for old companies and our clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups. We combine an in-depth understanding of clients’ needs and business drivers, commitment to service value and excellence with a fast and efficient approach to entering and exiting development lifecycle and baked-in quality assurance to help our clients speed up time to market and effectively compete with user-centric and scalable solutions.

Software development is a team sport

For every client we invest in building a cohesive team with the shared goals and sense of ownership. We have perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting client development processes at the right time using the right resources. Our expertise in the field supports every phase of the product lifecycle — be it application design, architecture, UX/UI, rapid development, QA and testing, and maintenance and support.

Latest projects


Using an App to pre-screen COVID symptoms helps expedite the process and keep everyone safer. Our easy to use interface makes capturing symptoms fast and easy and provides notification to administrative staff to take appropriate measures.


Split your long videos into segments for social media with a "Swipe" indication in between the clips. SmartSplit can add your personal logo to your clips for a pro touch!


SmartScribe is an App that combines voice recording and transcription in one place. Our transcribe Algorithm uses deep learning to add punctuation and formatting automatically, so that the output closely matches the quality of manual transcription at fraction of the time and expense. SmartScribe is good for work meetings, taking lecture notes, doctor appointments, interviews, and anything else that you would normally want to write down or record.

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